184-330 kW (250-450 HP)


MASCHIO introduces in the model JUMBO the spherical roller bearings, a new concept to drastically increase performance if compared with the traditional solution with ball or tapered roller bearings, matching strength, reliability and easy maintenance. Suitable for intensive and demanding working conditions, typical for contractors or when working in hard or stony soil, this machine is designed to guarantee maximum performance while reducing downtime and costs of ownership.
JUMBO, thanks to its foldable frame, can be easily carried on the road, maintaining the transport width in 2.2 m.

  • Central 1000 rpm gearbox with 3 tapered gears and rear PTO
  • Side gearbox pre-setted for 350 rpm
  • Standard pair of gears: 16-22
  • Rotor revolution PTO 1000 rpm: 350
  • Center PTO direct shaft P700 Heavy Duty
  • Side PTO shafts P600 Heavy Duty with cam clutch
  • Quick PTO shaft protection removal
  • Gear body with double trough structure
  • Round blade-holders
  • Bolt-on steel deflectors (PLUS)
  • Long dampened side protections
  • Quick blade release
  • Universal adjustable three point hitch III^ and IV^ cat.
  • Rear lights for transport (disassembled)
  • Hydraulic floating system
  • Hydraulic folding system
  • Safety hydraulic locks for transport
  • Transport width (folded): 245 cm
  • 2 blades per rotor
  • Central eradicator
  • Pre-disposed for double pair of track eradicators
  • 4 hydraulic roller side adjusters
  • Rear levelling bar with mechanical adjusters installed on the roller
  • Transport protections
  • Heavy duty barrel type bearings
  • Air cooled side gearboxes
  • Tungsten coated blades
  • CE safety protections installed





Reinforced trough

Double skin structure (internal shell 6 mm, external 5 mm) increases strength, prevents torsion and protects the workings from damage

double skin trough

Easy transport

The optional rear cart with pivoting wheels improves stability during road transport particularly on long distances.

img 8facilit di trasporto

Tine shaft

Maschio’s basic rotor design is replicated throughout the range: tine shaft are made from a single casting of pressed steel. This confers rotors higher precision and durability comparing to alternative manufacturing.

Power harrow shaft Maschio

“RAPIDO” quick fit system - easy tines replacement

QUICKFIT tine system allows the user to replace tines quickly with one turn of the QUICKFIT tool, this minimises downtime and increases safety.

Rapido quick fit system


Version 6000 7000 8000
Tractor HP 184-330 / 250-450 184-330 / 250-450 220-330 / 300-450
Working width (cm) 600 700 800
Total Width (cm) 612 712 812
Working Depth (cm) 28 28 28
Blades 48 56 64