PRESTO is a light disc harrow for shallow seedbed preparation (up to 10 cm). Discs are arranged on 2 rows with opposing disc direction; wide spacing (620 mm) between rows prevents any soil and crop residue clogging. Every disc has its own independent hub with super-sealed long-life bearings lubricated in oil bath; maintenance time is kept to a minimum. Elements are linked to the frame by a silent block system with 4 rubber dampeners which absorb all vertical stresses and require no recurring greasing as alternative systems do.

  • 3 point hitch cat. II^ or III^ N
  • Pins roller adjustment
  • Lightning kit standard for 300, 350, 400 versions
  • 2 ranks of Ø 460 mm independent toothed discs (Ø 510 mm opt)
  • Upon request, instead of toothed discs (without price surcharge) :
  • - smooth-edged discs
  • - lower toothed discs
  • First rank external discs are lobed type, Ø 460 mm



Light disc harrow applicable on tilled or no tilled soils

PRESTO can be used on tilled soils to complete seedbed preparation as well as in no-tilled soils to incorporate crop residues. This disc harrow is characterized by high speed working (~12-15 km/h), that permits high daily working capacity with low fuel consumption.

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Disc design and setting

PRESTO disc harrow is equipped by concave, toothed and large blade discs (460 or 510 mm). The perfect disc overlapping permits a uniform soil turnover on all working width.


Silent Block system = no maintenance

Four SILENT BLOCKS are interposed between the frame and the discs. This system connection does not require any maintenance and protects the machine from stone damages.

Silent block rubber spring


Large side disc guards placed at each side of ranges avoid tracks between the passages. The side discs can be easily set removing manually a bolt.

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Wide range od rear rollers

PRESTO disc harrow could be matched with four types of rear rollers for every working condition:

  1. CAGE roller (550 mm Ø) optimal to determine a soft seedbed.
  2. RUBBER roller (500 mm Ø) makes subsoil reconsolidation preserving soil moisture.
  3. PACKER roller (600 mm Ø) guarantees a great soil levelling, refinement and surface reconsolidation.
  4. RING roller (500 mm Ø) re-consolidates the soil in strips ensuring a good water drainage to crop roots.

Ballast to increase soil tillage

Three ballast kits of 125 kilos each are easily applicable on the frame to increase working depth. This optional is recommended on heavy or no-tilled soils in order to improve soil turnover without reducing working speed and daily working capacity.



Version 250 300 350 400
Tractor HP 59-66 / 80-90 73-80 / 100-110 88-95 / 120-130 102-110 / 140-150
Working width (cm) 250 300 350 400
Total Width (cm) 10 10 10 10
Road Depth 250 300 350 400
Discs 20 24 28 32
DISCS Ø. 510 510 510 510